Hi Again

Last week as you may know I attended my first staff away day with CWCCT at the Welcome Center in Coventry, we spoke about our new business plan, saw great feedback from Student’s and their Employers, had some fun with quizzes and games, unfortunately I didn’t manage to win any wine..

Last Friday I helped our Recruitment team with our Apprenticeship open day, great vibe the sun was shining and all of the kid’s had just finally finished their exams eager to start earning whilst learning, Congratulations!

This week I have had another Review with my Assessor to go through any last assignment’s I have left, she’s been great often encouraging me to complete this last 20%.

Looking forward to the weekend with Britain’s heatwave on the way, planning on prepping for my final functional skills exam whilst sitting in the pool with the BBQ on the go!

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Busy Bees

Hi Guys

I’m back to tell you all about what has happened here at Chamber Training since I last blogged..

Well first things first I am in the process of learning to complete Apprentices Journey’s as they have achieved all of their qualification. Well Done to those, can’t wait to complete mine in September!

Meanwhile my colleagues have also been very busy..

Last Friday our very own Website went live and it’s looking fab! Thanks to all the hard work put in by our Marketing department and Management. Be sure to check it out at http://www.cwtcov.co.uk/

Our Recruitment team here have also been knuckling down, running around like headless chickens to organise our next Apprenticeship Open event on May 26th 2- 5pm for school leavers or people even wanting a career change, safe to say it’s been a very productive week 🙂


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Hard Work Pays Off

These past couple of weeks I’ve been dedicated to my qualification,  I’ve signed off another 4 units my NVQ is already 63% complete!

I sat my Functional Skills English writing exam and one part of my Speaking and Listening which by the way I was absolutely dreading at first.. I performed a PowerPoint presentation to my Manager, Assessor, Tutor and a colleague on my job role luckily I know my job well.

In the end I had nothing to worry about as I passed both, happy days!

I received so much support and help from everyone here at CWCCT as a colleague and an apprentice, a few of my colleagues have even offered to write me witness testimony’s on things I do really well.

The second part of my Speaking and Listening to do soon is about travelling, speaking of which Thailand, Dubai and Abu Dhabi is booked for November for 17 days!!



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Exciting Opportunities

Hi All!

This past week I have really been settling into my new job role taking responsibilities for certain duties such as ringing our learners and employers for feedback to improve our quality of service.

We got stuck in to Comic Relief Red Nose Day helping Comic Relief to raise a whopping £71,308,475!!!

On Wednesday I went along to the Chamber for the first time for their monthly communication meeting..it’s official and a huge deal for us as a business moving forwards in to the future that we are on the Register of Apprenticeships as a Training Provider! Happy Days

I had my first appraisal yesterday with my Manager, she said I was settling in great at CWCCT and an asset to the team which is always nice to hear!Red Nose Day 2017.jpg


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My Journey So Far..

Hi all and welcome to my first blog!

I’m Megan and I’m currently doing a Level 3 Apprenticeship in Business Admin with Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber Training, they’re not only my training provider but also my Employer. I have been here for 6 months so far and have learnt so much and met great friends. The Business world was completely new to me coming from Retail working unsociable hours and feeling like I was going nowhere. I went for my first interview at Chamber Training for a different vacancy I had seen on the National Apprenticeship website then the following day a Recruitment Advisor phoned me inviting me back for a second interview for themselves, I felt so privileged! I remember thinking how modern the building was and how professional the staff were so of course I jumped at the chance!

Like any first day at a new job I was nervous but they all made me feel so welcome and at ease. The training was so informative I could have easily slept for a week! CWCCT provided me with many new skills such as; Emergency First Aid at Work and Microsoft Excel making me a lifesaver and a whiz kid on Excel. I had a split job role up until a week ago I was performing Admin duties in the Morning such as; Processing Certificates, Inputting Questionnaires and Student’s reviews and observations etc then in the Afternoon I was the Receptionist Meeting and Greeting Clients and Students, answering the telephone and dealing with enquiries, ordering stock,  booking potential apprentices in for Interviews..Once I had got to grips with those duties I was asked to help out with Recruitment services by logging into the National Apprenticeship website and monitoring it daily.

The past few weeks have been busy I took a week off to go to Austria Skiing for the first time, I’m alive with no broken bones! I caught the bug and have booked again a week before Christmas. I got asked to start training the new Afternoon Receptionist meaning the remaining months of my Apprenticeship will be spent as an Administrator. I went out to my first event at MTC for National Apprenticeship week representing CWCCT, I loved it I got a chance to get out of the office meet new faces and see hour our business recruits students! CWCCT won Training Provider of the Year so of course we were popular. Last Friday I took the afternoon off to be pampered for my birthday I went to salon in Coventry that is owned by ex CWCCT student’s who studied with us in our Hairdressing Academy many years ago!


Many things have been planned for me throughout my Apprenticeship this Year such as Telephone Questionnaires where I will be ringing students and Employers for feedback and so much more.

I hope you enjoyed reading all about the start of my new adventure!









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